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“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress, working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Calgary based Dolphin Cleaners is excited to work with your Southern Alberta business as a partner in eco-friendly Dry Cleaning and laundry service. We offer customized plans for your business needs. We work with hotels, banks, and many other corporations to design your tailored cleaning services. Our goal is to always build trust with our commercial partners. We understand what is important to you, and what quality dry cleaning means for your customers. Our promise of safety through our promise of 100% clean and sanitized is more important than ever. Fast service speed, quality cleaning, and taking care in maintaining and extending the life of every garment are all part of the Dolphin promise.  Our experts have years of experience in helping our business clients with their laundry and dry-cleaning needs. 

100% Clean

& Sanitized

Our professional commercial laundry service is perfect for  hotels, gyms, spas and dental or medical offices. Trust Dolphin Cleaners to keep your towels and linens clean and soft at an affordable price. We offer flexible turnaround time, delivery schedule and payment options to suit your needs all with our renowned service and quality guarantees.

Hotel Laundry Services Calgary

We are happy to take care of your hotel linens, towels and even drapery. Our quality and service combined with our competive pricing means you have a partner you can count on.

Gyms and Spas Laundry Services Calgary

Your clients expect the very best in your facility, and partnering with Dolphin ensures that your towel service is second to none. Quality cleaning, fast turn arounds and great pricing means you can focus on doing what you do best.

Calgary Executive service

Executives expect the best in quality and service. We can work with your company to create a program that frees up time and ensures quality Dry Cleaning, with Calgary’s most eco friendly team.


Linen Laundry Service Calgary

From linens to bed spreads, we can take care of all your linen cleaning needs. Many of Calgary’s top hotels trust Dolphin to take care of their linen cleaning needs. Our Calgary facilities can keep up with your business needs with a focus on quality and affordability. We are proud to be the most eco-friendly Dry Cleaner in Western Canada.  

Laundry Concierge Calgary

Speed, peace of mind and reputation matter to us and to your business. Our experts in dry cleaning know your guests expect the best from you. Allow us the opportunity to partner with you and we will thrill them with our quality, service and speed. RUSH service is available daily.


Take the daily chore of your laundry for your practice off your to do list. Our expert team will manage your office laundry professionally, affordably and most importantly with our 100% Clean and Sanitized promise. 

We have been partnered with Dolphin for over 10 years and have always found their service to be world class. Our customers expect the highest quality from us, and Dolphin always delivers. We highly recommend them for any laundry and drycleaning.


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